Square Metal Plates with Adhesive (5-Pack)


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Square Metal Plates with Adhesive (5-Pack)

Enhanced Stability for Your Devices. Introducing our Square Metal Plates with Adhesive (5-Pack), a crucial addition to your Nato Smart Mount setup. Designed for the busy commuter, these plates provide a robust and reliable base for your devices, ensuring they stay securely mounted during your travels.

Broad Compatibility for Maximum Utility

Each square metal plate in this 5-pack is crafted to be compatible with both regular and XL-sized Nato Mount heads. However, they are not suitable for use with the Wireless Charger, making them specifically tailored for users who prefer traditional mounting solutions.

Strong Adhesive for Secure Mounting

The adhesive backing of these plates guarantees a firm bond with your device or case. This secure attachment is vital for maintaining stability, especially when navigating through rough terrains or sudden stops.

Slim, Lightweight, and Effective

Though robust in their holding capability, these metal plates are surprisingly slim and lightweight. They adhere to the back of your devices or cases without adding noticeable bulk, maintaining the sleek appearance of your technology.

Versatile and Convenient

These square metal plates offer versatility in use, being suitable for a wide range of devices. Whether you’re attaching a smartphone, tablet, or GPS device, these plates provide the necessary support for a secure mount.

Easy to Install, Easier to Use

Installation is effortless: simply peel off the adhesive layer and stick the plate to your desired surface. Once in place, they provide a reliable and long-lasting hold, enhancing the overall functionality of your Nato Smart Mount.

A Pack of Three for Added Convenience

With three metal plates in each pack, you have the flexibility to equip multiple devices or have spares on hand.

Secure Your Devices with Confidence

Choose our Square Metal Plates with Adhesive (5-Pack) for a secure, reliable, and convenient mounting solution. Enhance your daily commute with the confidence that your devices are safely mounted and within easy reach.


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