Nato Smart Mount (Magnet Only)


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Nato Smart Mount (Magnet Head Only)

Precision Engineered for Optimal Hold. Presenting our Nato Smart Mount Magnet Head Only, a pivotal component of our renowned mounting system. Designed for adults who depend on their mobile devices during commutes, this magnet head is the epitome of strength and reliability.

Strong Magnetic Connection

Featuring robust magnets, this head is engineered to securely hold your devices. It’s compatible with both round and square metal plates, offering versatile mounting options for a variety of smartphones and cases. Note that it’s not suitable for metal rings, ensuring a focused and strong magnetic field for your device.

Seamless Compatibility

This magnet head attaches effortlessly to the Nato Smart Mount Base using the Base Screw, forming a secure and cohesive unit. Its standard size makes it a perfect fit for all Nato Mount bases, providing a universal solution for your mounting needs.

Designed for the Demanding Commuter

Whether you’re navigating through city traffic or on a long drive, the Nato Smart Mount Head ensures your device stays in place. Its powerful magnets keep your phone secure, allowing you to focus on the road while keeping your device within easy reach.

Unparalleled Magnetic Strength

The key feature of this mount head is its exceptional magnetic strength. It securely holds your device, even through bumps and turns, ensuring your phone is always at your fingertips.

A Blend of Functionality and Simplicity

Our Head is not just about strength; it’s also about simplicity and ease of use. Its straightforward design makes it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a hassle-free mounting experience without compromising on holding power.

Elevate Your Mounting Experience

Upgrade your Nato Smart Mount system with our Magnet Head. It’s an investment in safety, convenience, and peace of mind. Add it to your cart today and experience the difference in your daily commute.


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